Environmental Impact

Using biogas can assist in:

  • Keeping organic waste and bacteria out of the environment.
  • Conserve precious water resources.
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Control of flies and vermin.
  • Containment of all organic waste smell.

Social Impact

  • Control over your own energy means you can provide heating, cooking and light.
  • Removal of hazardous waste from the environment means less disease.
  • Using bioslurry for crops aids in food security.

Economic Impact

The biogas system addresses a number of key challenges:

  • Access to energy.
  • High cost of energy.
  • Toxic waste and high cost of waste removal.
  • Water scarcity through recycling.
  • High cost of fertilizer and the need for high nitrate fertilizers.
  • Opportunity for employment.
  • Avoiding deforestation.