Starting or Priming an AGAMA BiogasPro digester

basic information BiogasPro priming starting a biogas digester

Starting (or priming) an AGAMA BiogasPro is a simple, but slow process.

Feed – Burp – Burn

It may be the trickiest part of operating your BiogasPro or SmartTop digester because it needs a good healthy meal, a few burps and 3 weeks of patience. We use 3 steps – Feed, Burp (twice), Burn.

The first step is to feed 100 litres (BiogasPro3) to 150 litres (BiogasPro6) of cow dung and water mixture into the AGAMA BiogasPro. Mixing the cow dung with water makes it easier to load into the digester. The cow dung contains the methane producing bacteria. When it is settled in the tank it starts to produce gas – the first few weeks this will be carbon dioxide ( CO). This needs to be released ( the burping) by opening the gas valve on top of the digester. The first time, the gas will be a mixture of air and CO2. The next time it will be mainly CO2. Then it will produce a mixture of biogas that will burn when the methane is at least half of the gas produced. It will light on a biogas converted appliance such as a cooker.

If the AGAMA BiogasPro digester stops producing burnable gas for any reason, it can usually be restarted with the same feeding, burping (twice)  and burning.

Feed – Burp – Burp – Burn