The state-of-the-art AGAMA BiogasPro BP6 and AGAMA BiogasPro SmartTop biogas digesters (see Productsfor more information) are exceptionally robust, quick to install and convenient for you to use.  They are made from linear, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) using a roto-moulding manufacturing technique (see the Wikipedia article on roto-moulding here).

We have a 62-point Quality Control Plan representing a comprehensive approach to ensuring that our products are always of the best quality and meet the technical specifications.  The specifications are both quantitative (relating mainly to wall thicknesses all over the digesters) and qualitative (visual), and applied to both the individual components that make up the products as well as their assembly.

Installations are performed by certified drainage and gas technicians, who are accredited by AGAMA Biogas. All systems are installed in accordance with the relevant building and gas codes, with the product itself being approved for use by the South African Pipeline Gas Association (see our Safety page for more info).

Our installations are fast, professional and backed up by ten years of local experience. Biogas digester installations have never been easier.