AGAMA SmartTop

The SmartTop is specifically designed for projects where there is a need for maximising local skilled labour content without compromising on the gas tightness, factory-level quality control, and overall functionality of the BiogasPro.

This is achieved by splitting the BiogasPro digester horizontally into two components with the bottom tank-type section built in place with cement and a sealing compound.  The base tank (reactor) component is constructed using either bricks and mortar or a reinforced concrete in formwork approach, and the SmartTop is attached with bolts and a bitumen sealing compound.

It is critical that there is a skilled, experienced bricklayer in charge of the base construction. This is NOT a project for unskilled labour. Over and above the local labour benefits, this approach opens up the opportunity for increasing the size of the reactor itself by making a deeper base, at a marginal extra cost.  The result can be a reduced per-cubic metre digester system cost with all the BiogasPro benefits.

You can download our FREE Google Sketchup AGAMA BiogasPro SmartTop drawing here.