The BiogasPro-6D is offered primarily to users who have a requirement for a deeper-than-standard installation.  The BiogasPro-6D is designed for a sewer inlet depth of 600 mm below ground level.

The BiogasPro-6D has the identical functionality of the BiogasPro-6, namely:

  • naturally decomposes biodegradable materials without the additional any chemicals
  • stores the biogas that is generated by this natural decomposition
  • generates an internal pressure which allows the biogas to be piped directly to the point of use
  • mixes the contents for increased gas generation efficiency
The gas storage and pressurisation, and the digester mixing, are all achieved without any mechanical input at all i.e. no pumps of any kind.

Refer to the BiogasPro-6 for a standard 330mm sewer inlet depth description.

Review the product datasheet.